"he has a way of creating a landscape with sound"

William Wolstenholme - BBC INTRODUCING

About Guy Rich

Guy is an electronic music producer from Lancashire (UK) known for crafting enchanting and immersive deep melodic atmospheric electronic music. Inspired by artists like Moby, Above and Beyond, Luttrell, Lane 8 and Ben Böhmer, Guy writes and produces ambient, lo-fi and emotional electronic soundscapes. Guy’s music has transcended boundaries, reaching the far corners of the globe. 

From the cosmopolitan allure of Ibiza, where his tracks have graced the legendary decks of Café Mambo, to the airwaves of BBC Music. Guy’s sonic journey is an ever-evolving story, an invitation to embark on a unique and transformative musical voyage. As Guy continues to shape the future of his electronic music productions, his enchanting compositions are sure to find new homes and hearts across the globe.


Enjoy getting lost in his sound.